Waffle French Toast Video

There is breakfast and then there’s breakfast! I can see the look on my kids faces when I tell them the night before what I’m planning on serving or as they walk in the kitchen with a massive grin or a ho hum look. Trust me when I tell you that this is one of those game changing breakfasts that will make you a super mom in everyone’s eyes! Watch this Waffle French Toast Video to get inspired.

Since all of the ingredients are so simple you want to use the best possible. Grab a really tasty loaf of bread to start. Whole wheat or white is perfectly suitable, but cinnamon raisin is a total game changer. In general I love breads with tons of “stuff” in it because in the waffle iron it becomes really sweet and toasty tasting. Next you want some really creamy organic milk, maple syrup, a dash of cinnamon and eggs. That’s it! Let your waffle iron do all of the magic and believe me it will.

Now if you want to take it again further you can ignore everything I’ve said above in regard to you making it and instead send this to your husband or partners inbox to make for you on Mother’s Day this weekend. Now we’re talking!

Waffle French Toast video from weelicious.com

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