Sweet Pumpkin Quesadilla

I've said it here more than once. Whenever you don't know what to make for school lunch, open your fridge, pull out your leftovers, and put them all in a quesadilla.

No matter what I seem to sandwich between two tortillas, as long as there's some form of cheese in there acting as the glue, my kids will eat it.

This is exactly what happened recently when I had to make school lunch and discovered I had a cup of pumpkin leftover from making Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal in the Crock Pot. Wanting to test the limits of my quesadilla rule, I spread a creamy layer of the smooth orange puree onto one tortilla, shmeared a dollop of cream cheese onto the other, drizzled on some fragrant honey and let the kids sprinkle both sides with cinnamon before sandwiching them together and cooking to toasty perfection.

The sandwich turned out to be so sweet and crunchy it almost tasted like dessert…and from the looks of my kids lunch boxes when I opened them at the end of the day, you'd really believe that's what I had given them!

I haven't come up with a Brussels Sprouts Quesadilla yet, but believe me, I'm working on it.

For the super simple full recipe, check out my guest food blog post over at the Fix!

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