Getting your kids involved during the holiday festivities and preparation can create some of the best memories that can last a lifetime. Each family has their own traditions, but if you’re looking for ways to keep your kids involved during the holidays look no further! Here are 10 activities that not only encourage family togetherness, but also make this time of year extra special for kids.

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1. Help with the Holiday Party

This is a big one and can take a little bit of creativity to get the kids involved. They usually want to help during the holiday party but sometimes it’s knowing what to have them help with that is the challenge! We have a big holiday party every year, and I find that sometimes parents have a difficult time making sure kids are occupied while also making them feel part of the party. I’ve come up with some creative ways to get the kids in on the holiday party action so they aren’t bored with a bunch of grownups. Here are some activities to get them in on the fun of a festive holiday party:

  • DIY Party Favors: Encourage kids to make their own party favors for guests. This could be anything from assembling goodie bags, crafting a small ornament or creating thank-you notes for guests!
  • Set the Table: Let young ones help party prep by setting the table, making place cards, and setting up the “kids table”. Kids love to be a part of the event, and they especially like feeling “adult”. Setting the table will give them a sense of ownership and pride in doing something so important for the party.
  • Play Host: Kids love to play a part. Let them use their imagination and play host by showing guests to their seats and taking drink orders. This will make them feel like they’re really involved in the event.
  • Pass Hors D’oeuvres: Let kids help make simple appetizers such as Strawberry ElvesStuffed Mushrooms or Air Fried Wonton Mozzarella Sticks and pass them around to guests. Get the kids involved in cooking holiday recipes and when it comes time to serve they’ll be excited to tell everyone what menu item they made.
  • Plan the Theme: This allows kids to be creative and think outside the box with decorations and table arrangements. Take your kids to the dollar store, crafting store or Target and create a party theme based on the ideas you see. You can even bake foods to align with the theme like Sugar Cookies!
  • Kid’s Crafting Table: Set out a designated crafting area with an assortment of crafts for kids to create their own holiday decorations or decorate a stocking. Foster creativity by getting all the kids at the party to do something fun. They can all make stockings together and then tell about their design. You can even find a local nursing home to drop off decorations and meet with seniors showing them the kids handy work.
  • Door Greeter: Let little ones open the door for your guests. This sets the stage for kids learning new social skills. Kids get excited when family and friends come to visit. Let them be the greeter and they’ll feel included from the start. They can also introduce the newcomers to the rest of the party!
  • Find the Pickle (or Find the Afikomen) – Hide a pickle ornament in the Christmas Tree (or anywhere are the common areas of the party), announce that the pickle is waiting to be found and set the kids (adults can play, too) on a hunt. The person who finds it wins a small prize. You can also re-hide the pickle a few times throughout the night to keep the game going.
  • Be the DJ: This is a perfect activity for kids 8+. Picking the music will help kids give their own touch to the party and is a great talking point for the more shy kids and guests. 
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2. Decorate Together

Include kids in decorating the house for the holidays! Whether it’s adding lights to the house, ornaments to the Christmas Tree or other creative DIY decorations, this collaborative effort creating festive vibes fosters a sense of excitement for the holidays!

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3. Create Baking Traditions

One of my all time favorite ways to get kids involved during the holidays is to bake and cook together. It has created some of the best memories over the years and is a tradition I couldn’t wait to start with them after growing up baking during the holidays with my mom and grandma. If you’re looking for recipe ideas to make together this holiday season here are 23 Holiday Recipes to Make with Kids and 20 Festive Christmas Cookie Recipes.

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4. Cozy Holiday Family Movie Nights

The holidays is the perfect time for a family movie. Give kids 2-3 movie choices and let them pick the one they’re most excited to see. If they can’t decide (or agree) put the movie names in a hat and pick from there! They can also help make popcorn other movie treats so that they have even more “ownership” of the night.

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5. Homemade Gifts with Heart

Encourage kids to create homemade gifts for family members or friends. Whether it’s a holiday card, small ornament or an Edible Holiday Gift, homemade gifts add a sweet touch to the holiday season and kids love to make them!

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6. Acts of Kindness

Promote the spirit of giving (anytime of year, but especially during the holidays) and get kids involved in charitable activities. This could be anything from volunteering at a local food bank, participating in a toy drive or simply making holiday cards for those in need.

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7. Cherished Family Traditions

Create your own family traditions! Have a bake-off competition, special holiday breakfast, Christmas pajama party, or family game night. A tradition unique to your family will create a sense of anticipation in your little ones year after year. It’s the perfect way to get them involved in the holiday cheer!

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8. Daily (or Nightly) Holiday Activity

Build anticipation for the holidays by doing something together every day or night. Whether that’s lighting the menorah during Hanukkah or creating an advent calendar filled with daily treats or small activities, it adds a layer of excitement and tradition for kids to look forward to daily during this time of year.

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9. Embrace the Wintry Outdoors

We live in California so it’s a little more challenging to have that wintery wonderland moment (we have to drive a few hours to the mountains to find some snow), but if you live somewhere that has seasons, embrace the winter weather together! Build a snowman, go sledding or just take a winter trail walk. It’s so much fun! These adventures add a sense of wonder to the holiday season that kids can’t get enough of.

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10. Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Plan a holiday themed scavenger hunt for the kids. Create a list of festive items or clues that lead to a special surprise at the end. There’s nothing more exciting for kids than going on a “treasure” hunt!

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Getting your kids involved during the holidays doesn’t have to be a challenge. Take some of these ideas and you’ll not only create lasting memories, but you’ll also guarantee that the holiday season is filled with warmth, joy and the magic of family time! I hope you all have a beautiful holiday season. Let me know what your traditions are in the comments! And don’t forget to tag me on social media if any of them involve a Weelicious recipe or two 🙂

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Catherine is a mama of three. A Kentucky girl living in California. Here’s what I know: all kids can be great eaters and mealtime must be easy. I create simple, healthy recipes the whole family will love.


  1. Great ideas! My daughter loves to help, but I’m not always sure what tasks to give her. Thanks for the ideas and Merry Christmas!

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