What do you feed your baby when you’re going on a plane or a long car ride? These tips will hopefully help make it a lot easier!

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Catherine is a mama of three. A Kentucky girl living in California. Here’s what I know: all kids can be great eaters and mealtime must be easy. I create simple, healthy recipes the whole family will love.


  1. She just blanked on the word. I’m unable to breastfeed, which is a huge bummer and I could tell she just forgot the word-happens to me all the time. She even mentions it in the comments.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing these tips. We are going to have to travel quite a bit in the next couple of months, not looking forward to it with my 12 month old but these tips really make me feel a little less stressed:-)

  3. Thank you for the tips. We are making our 1st 19hour road trip this coming March with our 16 month old (fingers crossed lol)

  4. Pearls Moma–
    Don’t be nervous!!! Breastfeeding makes it easy! It’s the ideal food AND breastfeeding during take off and landing will help keep your babies ears open! I’ve traveled with both of my children when they were that age, always without a problem. Wear comfy clothes and bring a change of clothes for yourself and baby (in case of spit-up, leaky diaper, etc). If you’re calm and happy, baby will be too. Remember to keep hydrated and get up and stretch when needed. 6 hours isn’t a very long flight, baby will likely sleep a good portion of that. For the awake time, make sure you have some of his/her favorite things to play with, look at and chew on. I used to wear a teething necklace which helped a lot. Bring wipes that can be used on food surfaces (I like 7th Generation) to use on toys and teethers…or in the tiny plane bathroom! Traveling is wonderful, enjoy it!

    What tips might you give a breastfeeding mom on a 6hour long flight. I feel so nervous , My baby is bordering 6months and still on exclusive breastfeeding
    I welcome ideas from other moms in the house

  6. 2 questions
    The sweet potato was already cooked right?
    Can I use the baby boot to grind the brown rice/oats?

  7. My little man and I are making our first plane trip together soon. I’m so nervous! To make it worse, I’ve only been on a plane a couple times and I’m not real familiar with everything. I’m doing tons of research for tips and this video definitely helps a lot!

  8. Hi Catherine! Think what you are doing is great.. fab ideas for new Mums like myself, gave me new ideas of what to make for baby. I especially like the non fuss, healthy option of food you have suggested for baby whilst travelling.


  9. Is that the same for oatmeal? Do I need the powder mixture and then add breast milk or do I have to cook the oatmeal in water first and then add breast milk?

  10. My baby will be 9 months when we travel to appx. 4 hours away by plane to snow ski. This is very helpful for the plane ride; however, I am concerned about staying in a hotel suite for a week with baby…there is a grocery store nearby, so I’m seriously thinking about bringing my immersion blender. I don’t know whether to try this or just bite the bullet and purchase store-bought? Any ideas or tips?

  11. […] a small cooler of these healthier snacks for the road. Traveling with a baby? Catherine McCord of Weelicious shares her tips for what to feed your little one during a long car ride. And, if you’re worried that you’re not […]

  12. A few weeks ago I recently traveled from Denver to London with my 9 mo son. I often try and feed him foods that I make fresh but traveling I didn’t want the mess or foods to get funky. So I purchased those fruits and veggies in the pouches and they worked wonderfully. If you are opposed to using store bought baby food, you can actually package the food you make. There’s a product called Squooshi that I love. You could throw them in the freezer before you go so they keep a little longer. Security was no issue, I just had to open the pouches so they could test it, which all they did was hold a test strip above the pouch opening, didn’t touch the food or package at all.

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