Nutrition-Packed Breastfeeding Snacks

Sometimes, as a nursing mother, you can feel like you're stuck under a baby and can't get up to do much. It seems to always follow that during these moments, you also become suddenly ravenous! I like to keep "nursing stations" around my house in the places I sit and nurse often so that I have snacks within easy reach. These stations are filled with water, granola bars, bananas, trail mix, and lactation cookies. When I have a few more minutes to spare before sitting down to nurse, I have a few favorite snacks that I'll throw together before settling down with Baby. Check out my list of nutrition-packed breastfeeding snacks I like to keep stocked in my kitchen. Then let me know in the comments below your favorite snacks! 

Lactation Cookies Video

Refrigerator Oatmeal

Pregnancy Parfaits


Immune Boosting Very Berry Smoothie

Brainy Breakfast

Kale Chips

Pregnancy Smoothie

Fruit and Seed Bars

Apple Cheese Wraps

Super Healthy Granola

Hummus with Veggies

Golden Milk

Granola Bars 

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