3 ways to use Hemp Hearts from weelicious.comPin

How do you get plenty of protein when you’re a vegetarian? This is one of the biggest challenges when you decide to adopt a plant based lifestyle. Now that I have an almost 9 year old who has chosen to shun meat products, it’s been my mission to make sure he gets as much protein in his diet as possible. He eats plenty of beans and rice, tofu, seeds, nuts, cheese and dairy, but Hemp Hearts have become one of his new favorites.

3 ways to use Hemp Hearts from weelicious.comPin

Hubby and I have been using hemp seeds in our smoothies for years for added taste and nutrition, but until Kenya became a vegetarian I hadn’t realized just how important they were for him as well. We have been buying Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts for years, so working with them on this post was especially fun coming up with new ways to use them in our kitchen.

3 ways to use Hemp Hearts from weelicious.comPin

With 10 grams of plant based protein and omegas in every serving they’re a great way to get necessary protein into a vegetarian lifestyle with less carbs than flax or chia seeds per serving. The best part is that Hemp Hearts are tiny, so you can sprinkle them on salads, Oatmeal in the Crockpot, in smoothies, parfaits, roasted vegetables even on top of sandwiches to add a nutty flavor (resembling the taste of sunflower seeds or pine nuts) to tons of foods.

3 ways to use Hemp Hearts from weelicious.comPin

Kenya’s new favorite is this Persimmon Kiwi Parfait I posted on Instagram, my husband is truly obsessed with this Chocolate Almond Butter Smoothie and Chloe who eats almost anything asked for this Kale and Avocado Salad for dinner and then to be added to her school lunch the next day.

3 ways to use Hemp Hearts from weelicious.comPin

Keep a bag of Hemp Hearts at arms length to add them to your favorite recipes. You’ll be getting a ton of nutrition and great taste in every bite!

3 ways to use Hemp Hearts from weelicious.comPin

About the Author

Catherine is a mama of three. A Kentucky girl living in California. Here’s what I know: all kids can be great eaters and mealtime must be easy. I create simple, healthy recipes the whole family will love.


  1. I love a sprinkle of Hemp Hearts on my yogurt in the mornings! As a matter of fact, I’m enjoying them right now. 🙂

  2. Great looking recipes! I’d like to try hemp hearts in my next batch of refrigerator oats!

  3. I have never tried hemp hearts before so I would love to try them in any recipe.

  4. I like to make waffles and top them with yogurt and fruit. Hemp hearts would make the perfect finishing touch!

  5. I love a.ll these products and hope to win them. Trying to eat healthier in 2016.

  6. Hope to win so I can try this. Thanks for all the info on just sprinkling in dishes. Hope to add it to smoothies for me and your “banana chocolate chip muffin:” recipe for the kids.

  7. #WeeliciousGiveaways – shared on Google + – LoveOld (same email used on entry). Thank you!

  8. Since we’re in winter, I’d sprinkle the Hemp Hearts on my homemade soup made with organic vegetables I grew and froze last summer. It would add that perfect, healthy touch to every bowl! Thanks for the nice opportunity. Shared on Facebook.

  9. I’ve had hemp hearts in smoothies before and they were great. I need to try them on/in other foods next..

  10. I love hemp products and reading how others use the product too. Thanks for the opportunity!

  11. These sound fantastic and I have a 12 year old daughter who is more and more interested in healthy eating. We would use hen in smoothies and salads and I think they would be great to add to a “crust” on a baked fish.

  12. Would love to win this! Just received a sample of Hemp Hearts from Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods, and love them!

  13. I would love to try hemp hearts! I have never had them but heard amazing things about them!

  14. I love the idea of adding these to smoothies and salads. I know as a family of 4, we do not get enough protein in our diet. This is a great way to supplement!

  15. I would use the hemp hearts in smoothies and would love to try the vanilla. Thanks for giving.

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  16. Been eating hemp hearts and powder for years. I think it has really improved my health.

  17. I love their hemp hearts! My fave ways to use them is on salad, in smoothies, and in baked goods! 🙂

  18. I wish we had this when my kids were growing up, but I love everything I have tried.

  19. I love Hemp Hearts! I usually just have them in smoothies! I can’t wait to mix things up and try all of these recipes! They all look so good!

  20. I love the products this company makes! I started with Hemp Hearts and use them daily, but am discovering more and more products, and more and more uses for those products everyday.

  21. I’ve just started using hemp and enjoy it. I haven’t tried all of Manitoba Harvest’s hemp products yet, but I will.

  22. I would love to win this. There are so many things I haven’t tried but I am commited this year to bettering myself in all ways. This would be a great addition.

  23. I love hemp Hearts, and they are easy to sneak into the kiddies meals too! My favorite is mixing in with their morning oatmeal. Nobody would ever know!

  24. Oh love to try the oatmeal in a crockpot and salad too! I have tried them on my overnight oats and love it! Thank you for more ideas,

  25. I have hemp hearts in my salads and in smoothies. Also stirred into my yogurt with fruit, delicious! Would love to win and try the bites and powders!! They sound delicious, too!!

  26. I love my Hemp Hearts in my plain yogurt. I also add them to my chocolate chip cookie recipe! And of course Hemp Powder in my morning juice/smoothie 🙂

  27. I would add them on top of my overnight oats and sprinkle on peanut butter toast 🙂

  28. I add them to all my salads and smoothies and I sometimes use them in place of sesame seeds in Thai dishes.

  29. I would add these to my almond butter smoothies!! I never thought of adding them to roasted veggies until I read this blog post so I would love to try it! Great giveaway!

  30. my boys love these! eat them by the spoonful. we will add them to any toast (butter, peanut butter, pumpkin butter), pancakes and sprinkle them on roasted sweet potatoes, but have also found them delicious to use with fish. while the little ones are very picky about their salmon preparation (although i am sure this would be good with salmon as well), we like hemp seed crusted arctic char and rainbow trout.

  31. ahhh! i seriously never even heard of these until this past weekend. i was at my mother in laws house and she made some protein balls with nuts/dates/cocoa powder (which i’m familiar with) but also said she included hemp hearts and i was all ‘whaaaaat the what is a hemp heart?!” anyways, they were delicious and i’d love to win some for myself 🙂

  32. I upped my hemp hearts usage during nursing to fit in healthy fats and omegas. Love tossing them into smoothies, greek yogurt parfaits and on top of my avocado toast.

  33. I use the hemp hearts in smoothies and would love to try the chocolate or vanilla!

  34. I can’t wait to buy hemp hearts and try it in your chocolate almond smoothie recipe! I’m allergic to avocado which makes me sad but grateful i’m not allergic to almonds too!

  35. i have added hemp hearts to my energy balls for the kids. They blend right in with the oats peanut butter, flax seed meal, etc. lots of protein and omega 3s!

  36. I think that your almond smoothie looks fantastic! I really need to get a vitamix.

  37. I have never tried Hemp Hearts before but I am always looking for ways to make meals healthier!

  38. That smoothie is calling my name! I’d add them to oatmeal energy bites! Yum!

  39. I’ve never tried these. I have purchased the hemp protein powder and made protein bars homemade. I bet the hearts would be really good in protein bars also.

  40. I am always looking for new ways to add nutrients to my picky son’s diet so I will definitely try adding this to our smoothies and cereal.

  41. We have been making your chocolate almond smoothie, but have not tried it with the Hemp Hearts. Yum! Also, since I am pregnant (due any day), your pregnancy smoothie has been a big hit for everyone. Let me add the Hemp Hearts to that too! 🙂

  42. We love hemp hearts, we add them to snacks, granola and our homemade protein bars, as well as use it in toppings for yoghurt & smoothies. 🙂

  43. I would love to try these. I’ve recently started using chia as well and I’m really liking the new twists.

  44. I usually add almonds to my oatmeal, but now would love to try Hemp hearts. Even more, I have a little one who is a very picky eater and I struggle to get protein sources into her. I would love to try some of your suggestions and maybe find a new source of protein she will eat!

  45. I must try these! With a kid who’s a picky eater, protein in the morning is a challenge. Very intrigued!

  46. I have not tried hemp hearts before.
    I need to incorporate these for my sons diet. Want to try them in banana or pumpkin bread. Would be curious to see how they would work with some pies in crusts or the pie filling.

  47. I like to put hemp hearts on my oatmeal and salads but need to find ways to sneak it into my vegetarian kids food as they are pretty particular. Would like to try working it into muffins and smoothies.

  48. I have never tried these and would love to add them into our diet…you sold me!

  49. I am a vegetarian and our family goes meatless multiple times a week. Hemp seeds would be a great addition to our salads, pasta, yogurt, oatmeal and so many more dishes!

  50. My daughter is not a big meat eater so I love learning about products like this!

  51. I haven’t tried hemp. I struggle with healthy snacks – I’d like to try in granola bars and muffins.

  52. I love smoothies and am always looking for ways to take their nutritional value up a notch so I’d love to incorporate hemp hearts into my smoothie varieties!

  53. Our daughter gets migraines and needs an early morning protein boost to help stave them off. I’ve been experimenting with hemp hearts for this purpose!

  54. We’ve been struggling with morning protein, I’d love to add hemp seeds to oatmeal or rice porridge. Somehow I associated hemp seeds with salads and didn’t even think of adding it to cereal or smoothies. It would look extra lovely on green smoothies 🙂

  55. Love them with yogurt, oatmeal or anything grainy, but hadn’t thought to try them with veggies, other than avocado (so good)… will have to try!

  56. My family likes hemp hearts to sprinkle on pancakes, yoghurt or just off
    the spoon!

  57. I use them all the time in smoothies but never thought to sprinkle them on roast veggies. I can’t wait to try that! Roast veggies are my favorite.

  58. We love hemp seeds in our smoothies and I add 2 T to 1/4 cup to my homemade nut milks too. So as not to waste the nut/hemp pulp; mix equal parts nut/hemp pulp with organic, melted dark chocolate and mix well. Roll into small balls and refrigerate. Makes a healthy, simple dessert chocolate or mid-day energy booster! (keeps for a week in the refrigerator)

  59. Yes! My son also barely eats meats. I add hemp seed to his yogurt along with fresh fruit, and sometimes granola and/or flaxseed. We call it “The Special”.

  60. I’d love to use hemp hearts in place of the sunflower seeds in a salad I love: arugala and spinach topped with grapefruit chunks, feta, avocado, and a citrus dressing

  61. I use chia and flax, but have yet to try hemp hearts. Wasn’t sure what they were! LOL!

  62. We eat oatmeal almost every day and I would start from adding hemp hearts to oatmeal, because I always look for ways to add some protein to breakfast. Excited to try these!

  63. I have never tried hemp hearts but would love to! I would try to add them to my Greek yogurt, or maybe my homemade granola?!

  64. I’ve never used hemp but have always wanted to try it….would LOVE to win this! Thank you to Manitoba Harvest for the opportunity!

  65. One way we use hemp hearts is as a topper for hot bowls of homemade soups and chili and wow is it ever good in fruit crisps! Love my Manitoba Hemp products

  66. I am always looking for vegan sources of protein and other vital nutrients, these products are great!

  67. Wow, we need to try these. We don’t eat a lot of meat so I’m always looking for ways to add protein tour diet. Thanks!

  68. Love all the creative uses for Hemp Hearts. Great way to start using them.

  69. Would love to try these-crossing my fingers and toes and hoping to win!

  70. I love the hemp hearts. I find they’re a great nut or cheese sub in salads.

  71. Love adding chia seeds to everything I eat, but I’ve yet to try hemp hearts! Would love to win this 🙂

  72. I am going to try adding them to popcorn – along with nutritional yeast, coconut oil, and salt.

  73. On waffles! So easy- and adds a nice nutty flavor even the pickiest of kids will like!

  74. I like making bread from scratch; I really want to figure out how to add these into it.

  75. If I had these at home I would try to add them to our oatmeal and smoothies, and who knows what else! Thanks for the opportunity!

  76. We love banana slices with a spoonful of almond or peanut butter then topped or rolled in hemp hearts. Yum! And of course in smoothies.

  77. I’ve used hemp hearts for a long time in smoothies and oatmeal. They can be mixed with nut butter and spread on celery for a healthy snack. I even feed them to my pet birds…

  78. I blend hemp hearts into my smoothies. I will have to try it in a salad.

  79. Never tried these before. I’d probably sprinkle them on my salad & put in smoothies for the kids.

  80. A great source of protein to add to Greek yogurt or oatmeal for breakfast! Even in smoothies!

  81. I would love to try and fold them into pancake batter! It would take something that wouldn’t hold you for very long and turn it into something hearty.

  82. I would LOVE to be topping my kids’ smoothie bowls with hemp seeds. They are so tasty and nutritious but far too expensive at my local grocery store. They are also amazing on a lemony avocado/kale salad, like the one you have pictured. They seem like they balance out the acidity of the lemon. So yummy!!

  83. I’ve seen these at the market but never tried them. I’d love to win and put them into a smoothie or top a salad. Never hurts to add a pinch more nutrition.

  84. Hemp Hearts are great on top of a matcha green tea powder and frozen banana blend! 🙂

  85. I use them on pancake batter or in anything I bake like banana bread. This is such a great website !

  86. I loooove hemp hearts!! Adding them to salads & sandwiches are my favorite ways to use them, but I never thought about oatmeal. I’ll have to try that!

  87. We love hemp hearts here! Our usual smoothie is banana, fruit, spinach, hemp and chia seeds and then whatever add ons we want.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  88. I am from Manitoba and can tell you that the hemp heart products are awesome! So proud of our local company.

  89. I’m a sucker for chocolate, so that smoothie would definitely be the first recipe I tried.

  90. I would love to win this… I love finding different ways of incorporating protein!

  91. I have seen this on the shelves and I always pass it by because I had no idea what it was or what to do with it. Thanks for the great info. I would love to win this and try it out with my family.

  92. I’d love to win this for my older son — I am trying so hard to find ways to add protein to his diet!

  93. I am interested in getting protein in new ways. Thanks for the chance! I was also informed that hemp hearts are heart healthy. I try to eat a heart healthy diet as I am one of six children who all carry this family disease. I just recently joined Weelicious after trying a recipe of yours a friend passed on. I look forward to my daily emails. Also never tried hemp hearts until today at a trial. Funny Inshoukd get this email today!

  94. I always love to add hemp to smoothies, salads, sprinkled on soups … would love to try this brand 🙂

  95. I already use in my smoothies for myself and my kids. I think it would be great to add to oatmeal and to fruit salads!

  96. Hubby got me the Hemp Protein to add to our smoothies, making sure I was getting all the protein I needed for our growing baby.

  97. I love eating oatmeal or granola w/yogurt but am feeling the lack of protein. I have been wanting to try hemp hearts to up my protein intake!

  98. I add hemp seeds to salads, sprinkle on cooked veggies and even add them to baked breads.

  99. I’d love to add them to smoothies, granola, yogurt, fruit salad, and maybe even cookies!

  100. I would like to add them to my smoothies. I need something to make me satisfied and am trying to eat healthier!

  101. I want to try the kiwi and persimmon parfait, sounds heavenly! Shared on FB and Pinterest

  102. We use the hemp hearts in smoothies but never thought about some of these other ways. I would also like to try some of the other products as well.

  103. I would love to try these in our smoothies! I usually use chia seeds but these sound much better!

  104. I make a fruit dip with hemp hearts and coconut oil & almond butter. Delicious and my kids LOVE it!

  105. I would like to see more ways to use hemp hearts. With a multi-food allergic toddler, hemp milk got us through months 12-24, but my use of the hearts has been limited.

  106. I eat them in my salads and put them in the kids smoothies. I also recently started putting them in our homemade waffle or pancake batter and they are great! We call them “sprinkles” in our house and the kids want to sprinkle everything!

  107. I haven’t tried them yet, but you have definitely inspired me too! 🙂 I would probaby start by adding them to smoothies and definitely oatmeal.

  108. i make a chocolate, date, nut, seed truffle type thing and add them to that. a nice nutty crunch

  109. I’ve never tried this and would LOVE to. I, too, chose to shun meat when I was very young because of many reasons, and now drink protein shakes daily. I would love to win so I could try these products. Thank you for exposing us to new ideas and recipes!

  110. I’ve been making the Chocolate Almond Butter Smoothie, but without hemp hearts. I’m excited to try it with!

  111. Interesting! I’ve never tried these but they sound like the perfect addition to my kiddo’s smoothies. Thanks!

  112. Honestly I hear hemp and think of cannabis so I just kind of pass them up in the store. I love all of your applications and am always thinking of ways to slip protein more and more into my growing girl. Thanks for the post!

  113. I have been using hemp hearts in our family’s smoothies, but didn’t think of how versatile they could be! I’m excited to add them into crockpot oatmeal and as “salad sprinkles!” Thank you!

  114. I would use hemp hearts in my morning oatmeal, with yogurt and with my smoothies. These are gret. Thanks.

  115. I like to add Hemp Hearts to all of my favorite homemade granola bar recipes.

  116. This would go first thing in the morning in my banana shake that I make for the whole family also in my chocolate bars that I make

  117. I’ve never heard of hemp hearts but have a veggie leaning 6 year old and am always looking for new ways to make sure he gets enough protein. Thank you!

  118. I am excited to try the Chocolate Almond Butter Smoothie. I think the kids will love it!

  119. I actually already add those to tons of things…yogurt. cottage cheese, salads! But i’ve never put them in a smoothie before…looking forward to trying the chocolate almond butter smoothie and sprinkling some hemp seeds on there for my kids!

  120. What a great prize!! I use hemp hearts tons in cooking being a vegetarian they are a daily go to for our family!

  121. This sounds like something I could really use for my almost vegetarian 6 year old (and me too!)

  122. For my toddler I’d sprinkle them on ice cream. For myself and my husband I’d put them on practically everything we eat.

  123. I just discovered Hemp Hearts last weekend, so was delighted to read your post. I think they’d be great on white or dark chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine’s Day.! Gonna make some.

  124. I would love try to hemp. Sounds like it is great way to get more protein in smoothies or granola bars, which we eat a lot of!

  125. Thank you for the Giveaway! I too have been using Hemp seeds for a few yrs. I love them. Smoothies, cereal, salads are my go to for them.

  126. I have heard of hemp products, but never hemp hemp hearts! I am going to try it.

  127. Love Hemp seeds. Thanks for sharing the different ways to include in the daily meals.

  128. Love to try them in a smoothie…these would be great protein for my 5 year old!

  129. I’d love to try them in smoothies or cookies. Maybe a hemp seed, chia almond butter cookie? Sounds great!

  130. Maybe pesto? Since it has the same flavor as pine nuts wondering if it would be a good subsitution. But smoothies or salada would always be a good choice!

  131. I would love to add these to smoothies. I have a super picky toddler who refuses most meats.

  132. Trying to make better diet choices every day and would love to try these hemp hearts.

  133. I’d love to add hemp seeds to my son’s smoothies. I already add chia so this would change it up.

  134. We use hemp hearts in most of all our breakfast meals….oatmeal, smoothies, goat yogurt, cereal etc. However my kids favorite way to eat them is all mixed up with fresh blueberries, chopped pecans and mint. This is a big staple in my 6 year olds lunch box.

  135. If you post a recipe, I’d love to try hemp hearts, I’d love to try them in the persimmon and kiwi parfaits. Otherwise, I definitely want to try the chocolate almond butte smoothie. Yum!

  136. I really love Hemp Hearts! I usually use them on Salads and put them in my pancake batter.

  137. Interesting! Was noticing these at the store, glad to have more info. Thanks! Can’t wait to try some 🙂

  138. I use them on yoghurt but never thought til I saw your post that I could add to my oatmeal too. Thanks

  139. Yum! I’ve always thought about trying these and I put chia in my daughter’s greek yogurt every day but now I can give these a try, too.

  140. i JUST bought a bag to try as I struggle with high blood pressure and high cholesterol…but there are so many more benefits I never knew about! Can’t wait to start incorporating them into my life!

  141. I have wondered how to get hemp into my diet, I have never heard of this. I am glad that I read your article.

  142. I love hemp hearts myself, but I had not even thought about incorporating them into my little guy’s diet!

  143. I would love to try these! I am always looking for more ways to put good things into my sons body.

  144. I love hemp hearts. I have been known to eat them straight out of the bag!! 🙂

  145. What a great giveaway! I have heard such great things about hemp hearts but I’ve never tried them before!

  146. Hubby has been pushing hemp on me for months. Your post inspires me to give in.

  147. Would love this prize. Trying to find ways of getting protein into my tiny 9 year old picky eater and my 4 year old who eats everything (“expect meat Mommy!)

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