This St. Patrick’s Day Snack Board will have all your guests GREEN with food envy!


St. Patrick’s Day is all about green, and this snack board fully delivers! You can have a dye-free and healthy St. Patrick’s Day celebration using whole foods that are tasty, fun, and good for your body. Of course we’re throwing in a few sweet treats, too. Get out your largest wooden cutting board and have fun building this beauty!

The beauty of the snack board is that it has something for everyone. Fruits, vegetables, chips, dips, and a few sweets. Everything here is naturally green and festive. I love to put out a big beautiful snack board for our ravenous after school appetites, or before dinner when we’re having a party. It makes a great centerpiece that is sure to spark conversation. Grab all your favorite people and all your go-to and naturally colored GREEN foods and you’re ready to go. It’s much easier than you may think. 

Look for different colors, textures and mouth tastes. If you’re involving kids ask them to tell you what the foods taste like. Are they sweet? Sour? Crunchy? Salty? Do they actually taste “green”. I bet everyone will be surprised at the outcome!


Here’s what you see on this St. Patrick’s Day Snack Board: 

Fruits and Vegetables:
Green Apples
Green Grapes
Kiwi Berries
Crispy Broccoli from Trader Joe’s
Crispy Okra from Trader Joe’s 
Green Bell Peppers 
Persian Cucumbers
Sugar Snap Peas
Kale Chips
Frozen Peas

Tomatillo Salsa
Pesto (we’ve been loving kale pesto lately)

Green Flax Chips from Trader Joe’s and 365
Harvest Snaps

Green Gouda from Trader Joe’s 
Green Veggie Pancakes
Mint Chocolate Chip Smashmallows
UnReal Milk Chocolate Gems

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Catherine is a mama of three. A Kentucky girl living in California. Here’s what I know: all kids can be great eaters and mealtime must be easy. I create simple, healthy recipes the whole family will love.

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