9 Healthy Recipes for Your Picky Eater

These 9 Healthy Recipes for Your Picky Eater feature delicious meals with an emphasis on fun that will be sure to end the food struggles in your house.

9 Healthy Recipes for your Picky Eater from weelicious.com

Over the years, how many meals have you made for your family? I'm sure every one was filled with love and effort. You meal plan, head to the market to buy the freshest ingredients and then cook with care, only to have your child make a "yuck" face when you place it in front of them and accompany it with words that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside:

"I don't like it!"

"What IS that?"

"Gross! I'm not eating that!"

If any of this sounds familiar, you've come to the right place. These 9 healthy recipes are a good place for you to start spending less time in the kitchen and more time watching your kids actually eat the meals you make them.

Now, as readers of my first book, Weelicious: One Family. One Meal, know, I do not like the term picky eater. It's a label that becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. When kids hear you refer to them as picky enough times, the reinforcement of that statement is absorbed by them to the point where they believe that they are picky and the resistance to trying new things only intensifies. There's more to it than that, but I believe it's a term best not put on kids. Instead be positive with new foods or things you want them eating and don't stop the encouragement. It may take a painfully long time, but if you stick with it, things will change for the better. 

Dr. Seuss Eggs recipe from weelicious.com
Dr. Seuss Eggs

Happy Eggs recipe from weelicious.com
Happy Eggs

VegWee Dip from weelicious.com
Veg Wee Dip + an array of bright colored veggies

Green Mac and Cheese video from weelicious.com
Green Mac and Cheese

Veggie Heavy Pizza Sauce recipe from weelicious.com
Veggie Heavy Pizza Sauce + Whole Wheat Pizza Dough + Your favorite toppings!

Mexican Muffins from weelicious.com
Mexican Muffins

Sweet Broiled Salmon recipe from weelicious.com
Sweet Broiled Salmon

Nature Cookies recipe from weelicious.com
Nature Cookies

Green Ice Pops recipe from weelicious.com
Green Ice Pops

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