How often do you buy a pack of chicken breasts, but get stumped with what recipe to make? You know they’re healthy and easy to cook, but what will be quick? Will your kids actually eat what you make? Will there be enough flavor to get you excited enough to make the dish again? These recipes are such game changers that you’ll be jazzed to buy chicken breast time and time again.

Every week when I go to the grocery, I pick up a pack of chicken breasts to make for lunch or dinner. They’re the perfect base for a variety of marinades, toppings, vegetables, seasonings and more. Since they’re high in protein, easy to digest and super kid friendly, they’re one of the first foods I grab at the market. Keep reading for 20 Healthy Chicken Breast Recipes that I love!

Marinated Chicken 6 Ways
Having marinated chicken in your freezer ready to go is a game changer when it comes to meal prepping. These are 6 of my favorites!
Middle Eastern Sheet Pan Chicken Dinner
This chicken dish is super easy! It cooks all on one pan (clean up is a breeze), and is bursting with Middle Eastern inspired flavor.
Chicken Fajitas
I love chicken fajita night because everyone can build their fajitas the way they like it!
Roast Chicken with Caramelized Lemons, Cherry Tomatoes and Olives
This roast chicken recipe is super simple (hello only 5 ingredients and one pan) and incredibly delicious. The caramelized lemons are my favorite!
Easy Chicken Nuggets
These easy chicken nuggets healthier version of their fast food counterpart made with chicken breast, some spices and baked to perfection.
One Pot Spiced Chicken with Toasted Couscous
You can use chicken breast or thighs in this recipe simple one pan recipe. It comes together really easily and packs a punch of flavor.
Crock Pot Hawaiian Chicken
I love this Hawaiian chicken recipe. It slow cooks for a few hours leaving you with tender, juicy and flavorful chicken.
Air Fryer Preserved Lemon Chicken
I love my air fryer and this Air Fryer Preserved Lemon Chicken is one of my go-to recipes!
Lemon Herb Chicken
This simple Lemon Herb Chicken recipe is the easiest way to prepare chicken and is absolutely delicious! It's a great weeknight entree the entire family will love. 
Orange Chicken
Orange Chicken is a simple weeknight dinner that's ready in under 30 minutes. Not to mention, bursting with flavor and so easy to make!
Sweet and Spiced Chicken
Sweet and Spiced Chicken will send your taste buds soaring. Serve this on it's own with some vegetables or use it to top your salads!
Chicken, Peach & Bell Pepper Skewers
These Chicken, Peach and Bell Pepper Skewers are marinated in a tangy, sweet marinade that is beyond delicious. They're a perfect recipe for your summer BBQs!
Chicken Tikka with Cucumber Mint Raita
Chicken Tikka is marinated in greek yogurt with Indian spices to create the most juicy chicken ever. Serve with a refreshing Cucumber Mint Raita for the perfect combo!
Grilled Chicken and Corn QuesadillaPin
Grilled Chicken & Corn Quesadilla
I love making quesadillas when I have leftover chicken breast. It's a simple way to make last night's dinner into something different for lunch!
Arepas with Pulled Poblano Chicken
This recipe will get you out of your comfort zone, but will be quickly added to your family's favorite meals!
Chinese Chicken Salad
This is another recipe I love to make when I have leftover chicken breast. It's fresh, crunchy and of course super tasty.
Chicken Paillard with Summer Salad
Chicken Paillard is in my top favorite ways to prepare chicken breasts. They're tender and juicy with a crispy exterior that's unreal.
Mu Shu Chicken
Shredded chicken breasts in a delectable sauce makes Mu Shu Chicken an irresistible recipe you've got to try.
Pretzel Fried Chicken
Pretzel Fried Chicken is the crispiest and most tender fried chicken you'll ever make! Crunchy pretzels coat the outside to give you the most satisfying crunch.
Stir-Fried Chicken in Lettuce Cups
These lettuce cups are crunchy and fresh. In combination with the stir-fried chicken with herbs and a slightly sweet sauce it's really something special.

Let me know in the comments what recipes you’re making with this versatile protein! And of course tag me on social media if you make one of these recipes!

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Catherine is a mama of three. A Kentucky girl living in California. Here’s what I know: all kids can be great eaters and mealtime must be easy. I create simple, healthy recipes the whole family will love.


  1. Wow,I love this pan seared dumpling.I finally found a right recipe to serve during our Chinese New Year Potluck next year! Thanks,Catherine.

  2. I found you from an article in Better Homes and Garden. From the recipe of yours they printed, I thought I should check you out. I was right, you make simple, healthful food, that I can easily use in Weight Watchers. I am glad I found you

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