Meal Plan -- Week 4

I am loving these weekly meal plans! They're saving me. I hope they're saving you too! Check out below for this week's.


You know the drill for breakfast. Smoothies, smoothies and more smoothies! This week we're making these Vanilla Cinnamon Date Shakes, Muscle Builder Smoothies (gotta get big and strong!), Glow Smoothies and for those of you with aversions to bananas, you've got to make this Everything But Banana Smoothie!


I'm so excited to make Strawberry Muffins this week. The berries at the farmers market have been insane! We're also making Hard Boiled Eggs to have on hand, Roast Honey Cinnamon Chick Peas for a healthy sweet treat, and seaweed snack + Red Beet and White Bean Hummus with Raw Veggies.


We're doing this filling and good-for-you Super Healthy Granola with Greek yogurt for lunch this week. Also these adorable Monogram Sandwiches (which letter would yours be?) Tomato Bread Salad and per usual Avocado Toast with all the toppings! 


So many delicious recipes this week! Super excited. Which one are you looking forward to most? 

Sunday: Using our grill during the summer is my favorite thing so we're making Grilled Chicken, Vegetable and Avocado Salad Board (grilled tofu for Kenya) with Citrus Herb Vinaigrette. It's super simple and so delicious. 

Monday: Sweet Corn Arancini with Mixed Melon Salad from One Potato

TuesdayMaple Soy SalmonAsian Style Cauliflower Rice and Brown Rice with sesame seeds. Our family is obsessed with salmon and this marinade is out of this world. 

Wednesday: Chicken Tagine with Black Currant Couscous & Tomato Harissa Jam from One Potato. My mid-week I'm very happy to have my 30 minute One Potato box meal.

ThursdaySpaghetti and Turkey Meatballs with Caesar Salad from One Potato (again)! Lucky for you though the recipes are on weelicious so you can make this one too!

Friday: Quilt Pizza might be the most fun activity you and your family cam do! Serving this with Mediterranean Chopped Salad.

Saturday: Support a local restaurant!

What are you making this week? 

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