Meal Plan -- Week 15

Spring is very much so in the air and I am loving it! Here's this week's meal plan for my family. Hope it is helpful to you and yours!


Smoothies of course for breakfast. This week we've got Carrot Orange Ginger Smoothies, Green Monster Smoothies, and Berry Green Smoothies planned. Plus Banana Bites for the weekend!


These Chewy Granola Balls are absolutely delicious and a great snack to take on the go! We're also making Frozen Bananas on a StickProtein Cereal Bars, and Roasted Carrot Hummus to keep us satisfied throughout the day when we need a little in between something to munch on.


Uncrustables are a classic lunch for us. Plus you can make them in any fun shape you want if you have a lot of cookie cutters! Egg Pesto MeltsTurkey Club Lettuce Wraps and of course Avocado Toast will also make an appearance for lunches this week. 


Sunday: Simple Broiled Salmon is super easy to whip up and everyone loves it. We're pairing this with Artichokes with Lemon Yogurt Sauce and Asian Style Cauliflower Rice.

Monday: Veggie Bolognese Sauce over pasta for a veggie packed, simple #meatlessmonday. Then Frozen Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bites for a dessert treat!

Tuesday: Chicken Tamales with Mole Poblano from One Potato are a really fun recipe to make and everyone loves them!

Wednesday: Chicken Yakitori with Seaweed Salad and Cucumber Sunomono from One Potato. Gemma loves helping me make these skewers when we get this meal!

Thursday: Classic Turkey Burger and Fries from One Potato. I love that this meal is an option every week if we want it. 

Friday: Spiced Chicken with Olives and Lemon, Brown Rice Cakes and Grilled Lemon Asparagus is super easy to make which I'm looking forward to! 

Saturday: Order in from local restaurant.

I hope these weekly family meal plans are helpful for you and your families! Let me know what you're making this week. 

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